Field Care   

Take care not to damage feathers. Do not wring neck on any bird to be mounted. Wipe any blood from feathers with a damp rag. Wrap bird in two layers of plastic and freeze.

Your fish should be frozen as soon as possible. Cover the tail fin on both sides with cardboard, wrap in two layers of plastic and freeze. (Do not use newspaper!)

For Best Mounting Results
Cape animals as diagrams shown below suggests.

Game Heads

Do not cut the throat on any game head to be mounted. Cut hide well behind the front leg to be sure enough hide is left for a shoulder mount. If your trophy cannot be frozen in a short period of time it should be completely skinned, fleshed, and salted to prevent spoilage.

Home Care
All mounts should be dusted about once a week. A simple feather duster is best. If dust has accumulated over a long period of time, a soft rag dampened with Windex will do the trick. Rugs may be lightly vacuumed and combed out, otherwise they may be taken care of as stated above.

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